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Competition Entries
Sporting Clays Australia

Please scroll down for instructions on how to register and pay if you are new to SCA or need a refresher on how to nominate.

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·       Each person will be required to create an individual Profile with their own login code to enter competitions. Do not pay for someone else on your account as the entry will not be registered in their name.

·       Once you have registered your personal details for the first time, your information will be saved in the system for any return visits. There is no need to repeat this process after your initial registration. All purchases are linked to your Profile.  This includes ALL entries for competitions, membership and merchandise orders.

·       You can access your Profile at any time to update your information.

·       Any changes to your personal information is D.I.Y.

·       Your information is used to inform you of important competition changes and to post out memberships or magazines. Without up-to-date information we will not be able to contact you should the need arise.

·       Family members will have to create their own Profile page. You are able to use the same email address, however each person will require a unique password.

·       Enter and pay for each person separately under their own personal login page.

·       This payment/login procedure is important in order for each competitor to be recognized in the database. All squad lists are compiled from the entries linked to each person’s individual Profile. Any deviation from this process will mean your entry is not correctly registered in the system.


Some registration fields are mandatory. Some boxes are number or letter specific. For new members, if you do not have the required mandatory information, enter either N/A (for a word) or 0 (for a number) to complete the registration process.

  1. Scroll back up the page and select the Competition you want to enter.
  2. Make sure you are in the correct Competition. Scroll to select your category (double check you are entering the correct Competition and you are selecting the category relevant to you) – Click on your category selection (Open, Lady , Veteran, etc).
  3. A pop up box will appear “Before you can purchase this service, you’ll need to make a reservation”. If you are certain all the details are correct, press “Yes”.
  4. Shopping Cart – Indicates total payment –
    – Should you have too many entries sitting in your cart, or an incorrect item is showing, delete it by clicking the grey cross on the right-hand side of the item requiring removal.
    – If your Shopping Cart is correct, press the blue “Check out “ Button to continue.
  5. Log in – If you have already entered the site before to register your details, go to the “Been here before” area to the left-hand side. Place your email address in the Username field and your password in the Password field. If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password?” link. You will be sent an email with a new password to unlock your account. You will not have to go through the Registration process again. You will be directed straight to the Shopping Cart for payment.
  6. New to our site? – If you are new to the site, go to the box on the right-hand side of the page, insert your first and last name, and press “Next”.
  7. Set up your Profile by completing the “Create an Account” form. Fields are number or letter sensitive. Please note – include a P.O. Box number in front of your main street address if this is the preferred method of receiving mail. As a new client you will have to fill in all of the required information fields and agree to the “Terms & Conditions”. Once completed, press “Create Account”.
  8. Shopping Cart – Indicates total payment – Press the blue “Check Out” Button.
  9. Check Out/Place Order – Double check one last time your Competition purchase is correct in the “Cart Items”. Complete card details and press “Place Order”.
  10. Registration entry complete. An email will be sent to you as confirmation.
  11. If you need to make any requests e.g. to be squadded with another shooter, please email
  12. LOG OUT after completing your purchase. This button is positioned to the top right-hand side.Remember, when returning to the site your login name is your email address. Keep a record of your unique Password.

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