39th World FITASC Sporting Championships

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39th World FITASC Sporting Championships

Some spectacular photos and videos from the World FITASC Sporting Championships in Hungary have been doing the rounds. A collection of Team photos have been added to the SCA Gallery, and there’s a selection of media below so you can get a feel for what it was like in Galgamasca. Keep an eye out for some familiar Aussie faces in the videos.

Video by Krieghoff International

Video by ShootingPress International via FITASC

Video by Peter Tobin

2017 world champs hungary

Photo gallery by FITASC (click the image above to view album)

Recap: SCA National Team 2017

Seniors Ladies Juniors
Damien Birgan Renae Birgan Bryce Paglia
Chris Brown Brittany Cole Mathew Wilesmith
Matthew Libbis Felicity Paglia Luke Willemsen
Socrates Pilipasidis
Veterans Super Veteran
Ross Clancy Alan Backman
John Leach Ross Christian
Neil Peart Tony Power


Ladies Open Team – 3rd FITASC Sporting Championship
Renae Birgan, Felicity Paglia, Brittany Cole
Men’s Open Team – 6th FITASC Sporting Championship
Chris Brown, Socrates Pilipasidis, Damien Birgan, Matthew Libbis
Veteran’s Team – 7th FITASC Sporting Championship
Neil Peart, John Leach, Ross Clancy
Super Veteran’s Team – 4th FITASC Sporting Championship
Alan Backman, Ross Christian, Tony Power
Junior Team – 6th FITASC Sporting Championship
Luke Willemsen, Matthew Wilesmith, Bryce Paglia

Top 50 Placeholders

OPEN Ladies Juniors
Damien Birgan – 16th Renae Birgan – 7th Mitchell Cain – 12th
Anthony Panetta – 20th Brittany Cole – 10th Cameron Kivinen – 21st
John Younger – 36th Felicity Paglia – 25th Mathew Wilesmith – 22nd
Luke Willemsen – 27th
Bryce Paglia – 27th
Reece Cain – 29th
Billy Cain – 35th
Veterans Super Veteran
Ross Clancy – 17th Alan Backman – 12th
Anthony Power – 15th
Ross Christian – 23rd
Darryl Groundwater – 35th
Colin Barker – 39th