Australian Team Selection


  1. Each State will conduct a “State Team Selection Series” which must be completed prior to the conduct of the “Australian Sporting Clay Nationals.”
  2. Each State is to forward to NDTS the formula they use to select Australian Team Qualifiers
  3. Open Section:
    For members to qualify for Australian Team Selection in Open Teams they must complete the minimum requirements set in each state for the Open Team Qualifiers.

a)    At the completion of each States Qualifying Series, State Target Shooting Directors will furnish the names for the number of Open competitors allowed for their State to the NDTS.

·      South Australia 15

·      Victoria 15

·      New South Wales 10

·      Queensland 10

·      Tasmania 10

·      Western Australia 10

b)    Only shooters who finish in the positions allocated to each State are eligible.
Substitution of shooters who have finished outside of the particular States allocation is not allowed for any reason

4.     Categories:

a)     All Ladies, Juniors and Veterans, who have completed the minimum number of “State Selection Events” as required for Open Competitors, will also have their names forwarded to the NDTS, for inclusion as “Team Qualifiers” at the Nationals.

b)     There is no limit to the number of Category Shooters per State

c)     All Shooters who qualify for Australian Team Selection must compete at the National Championships for Australian Sporting Clays.

d)     At the completion of the Nationals the “Top Fifteen State Qualifiers for Australian Team Selection” plus ties will form ‘The National Training Squad” for the Open Australian Team.

e)     Ladies, juniors and Veterans who have completed their States Qualifying Series as in item 4 above will be considered for inclusion in the National Training Squad.

f)      The top six Qualifiers from each Category at the Nationals ie Ladies, Juniors and Veterans will be added to the National Training Squad


5.     The maximum number Ladies, Juniors and Veterans invited to join the National Training Squad will be.

·       Ladies:- Six plus ties

·       Juniors:- Six plus ties

·       Veterans:- Six plus ties


6.     The National Training Squad as selected by Federation will attend the 200 target National Training Camp (Australian Grand Prix).


a)     At the completion of the National Training Camp the various Team Members will be chosen on the combined scores from the Nationals and the National Training Camp. Ie. Scores achieved over 350 targets.


b)     To be eligible for automatic funding Open, Junior and Veteran Team Members must achieve a score of 262/350 and Ladies 252/350 over the Nationals and Grand Prix events


7.     To participate at the National Training Camp as a Member of the National Training Squad, participants must indicate a willingness to attend the World championships if chosen.

a)    In the event that particular teams are not fully represented at the completion of the “Australian Team Selection Series”, Federation Target Shooting Committee may recommend to Federation Executive the inclusion of unqualified Team Members.
8.     Federation Target Shooting Sub Committee may reassess the qualifying percentages required for funding of individuals if in their opinion.

a)     The targets set for a particular event are proven to be too difficult.

b)     Weather conditions at a particular event substantially alter the difficulty of the original setting of the target.

This decision must be ratified by Federation Executive

Australian Team Funding Policy

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Australian Team Uniform Policy

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