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2024 SCA National Shooting Calendar


FITASC has reviewed their competition categories and from 1 January 2018, the following categories will be applicable at all FITASC international events and SCA National competitions:

  • Junior up to and including the age of 20 (you cannot shoot in the Junior category in the calendar year you turn 21 years old)
  • Lady
  • Man in the year of their 21st birthday to 55 years
  • Senior in the year of their 56th birthday to 65 years
  • Veteran in the year of their 66th birthday to 73 years
  • Master in the year of their 73rd birthday and above.


  • The Master category will be available to shooters who are turning 73 years of age in the year of the competition. There will be no team events in the Master category at FITASC events, only individuals.
  • It is not compulsory for the Master category to be included at SCA events. We will include the category at the Australian Prix and the Sporting Nationals. Veteran will be the last category (by age) for the Compak Nationals and English Sporting Nationals.
  • SCA will still recognise our Sub Junior category for all events except the Australian Grand Prix, which is a FITASC event. The following age restrictions will apply:
    SUB-JUNIORS Competitors may shoot in this category up to and including the calendar year they turn 16 i.e. you cannot shoot in the Sub Junior category in the calendar year you turn 17 years old.
    JUNIORS Competitors may shoot in this category from the calendar year they turn 17 up to and including the age of 20 i.e. you cannot shoot in the Junior category in the calendar year you turn 21 years old.


  • Each person will be required to create an individual Profile with their own login code to enter competitions. Do not pay for someone else on your account as the entry will not be registered in their name.
  • Once you have registered your personal details for the first time, your information will be saved in the system for any return visits. There is no need to repeat this process after your initial registration. All purchases are linked to your Profile.  This includes ALL entries for competitions, membership and merchandise orders.
  • You can access your Profile at any time to update your information.
  • Any changes to your personal information is D.I.Y.
  • Your information is used to inform you of important competition changes and to post out memberships or magazines. Without up-to-date information we will not be able to contact you should the need arise.
  • Family members will have to create their own Profile page. You are able to use the same email address, however each person will require a unique password.
  • Enter and pay for each person separately under their own personal login page.
  • This payment/login procedure is important in order for each competitor to be recognized in the database. All squad lists are compiled from the entries linked to each person’s individual Profile. Any deviation from this process will mean your entry is not correctly registered in the system.

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