Firearms Insurance

SCA Firearms Insurance: New Coverage Under Your Membership

As of 1st November 2023 “ALL” Financial (paid up) SCA members will be provided with Firearm Insurance as part of your membership capitation to the Association, at no extra cost to you.

The Insurance cover provided will be for a total of $15,000 Firearm Insurance. This also allows 21 days of cover overseas, if you travel for Competitions to other countries.

There will be top-up option available for you to personally extend this $15,000 ceiling if you require, but that part (if you require) will be at your own expense. The cover you have with SCA will be taken into consideration when extending.

Obviously, like all Insurance cover, there are conditions to follow, but accidents do happen & it is good to know you will have some fall back.

Firearms Claims Information

Download Claims Information

Firearms Insurance Information

Download Insurance Information

Ready to Make a Claim or Top Up?

Step 1 Please complete Firearms Insurance Claim Enquiry below, select Firearms Insurance Claim or Top up option
Step 2 SCA Office will forward SCA Member the Firearm Claim Form to be completed
or SCA Office will forward SCA Member the link for the Top up option (SCA Member to complete the online application. This is at the owner expense).
Step 3 SCA Member to email the completed Firearm Claim Form to SCA Office
Step 4 SCA Office will submit the claim.

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