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To find yourself on this page you must be interested in becoming a member of “Sporting Clays Australia”, the Association representing the fastest growing form of clay target sport in the world.

You automatically receive the following benefits by joining the Association.

  • Your membership covers the “reason to own a firearm” criteria for your Firearm License
  • Third Party Liability Insurance cover (up to $20 Million) for our sport activities
  • Participation at club competitions and state championships
  • Access to the annual National Championship, open to all members of all classes.
  • Access to international championships – World, Oceania and Grand Prix competitions
  • Ability to be selected and represent Australia at international championships
  • Quarterly issues of the Sporting Clays Australia magazine, the official publication of our parent body

How to apply for membership to Sporting Clays Australia

All of our Sporting Clay Clubs are advertised by State. Please select your preferred State from the MEMBERS menu to purchase your membership.

New members in NSW, SA and WA must complete a New Members Application Form as part of the sign up process. Please click the link to your state for more info. NSW | SA | WA

The Sign-Up Process

profile in the system

How create your profile in the system – Quick review.


  1. Each person must have their own account. You can use the same email address on multiple accounts (e.g. for other family members) but you’ll need to enter a unique password for each person. If you want to register another person with the same email address, you’ll initially need to enter as the email address in the Create an Account field. You can then update the email address when completing the membership form (in the Login section).
  2. Please review and complete all fields. This is a once-off registration. All future visits will not require you to enter this information again.
  3. No middle name > enter – (dash).
  4. No FITASC Registration Number > enter 0 (Number Zero).
  5. No SCA Membership Number > enter 0 (number Zero).
  6. If any information is incorrect/incomplete, the offending box will be highlighted in “Red”.
  7. Check the email address (do you need to change it from as outlined in step 1?).
  8. Your password is personal and is used as security for you to access the system. Please keep a record of your password for future use.
  9. Read the “Terms & Conditions”. As you reach the bottom there is a tick box. Click this box and hit he Blue “Create Account” box to complete your registration. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you have given indicating you have entered the database.
  10. When you return back to website, your login will be your “email address” and the second part will be the “password” you entered during registration.
  11. Any changes to your personal information is D.I.Y. It is not the responsibility of your membership Secretary. You are able to enter the system at any time to change your details with your personal login and password.

Please go to  the contact us page if you require further information or need assistance.

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