Similar to trap shooting, Helice or “ZZ” simulates live pigeon shooting.

Orange or red targets are equipped with two propeller-like “wings” so they fly erratically out of the trap, much like a live bird. Shooters must hit and detach the white cap positioned in the centre of the target so the target falls within the boundary fence.

Individual shooters stand on a designated spot with five, seven or nine green trap boxes arranged out in front in a semi-circle set to release the targets. The target can be launched from any one of the traps, with the shooter allowed to take two shots at the target while it is accelerating. Because the targets are spinning before launch, they flutter and buzz in an unpredictable flight pattern.

As per FITASC rules, international championships consist of a fixed number of targets: 20 targets at Grand Prix competitions and 30 targets at continental competitions and world championships.

The number of targets to be shot per round is determined by the jury:

  • When there are five machines, the shooter will shoot between 1 and 4 targets.
  • When there are seven machines, the shooter will shoot between 1 and 6 targets.
  • When there are nine machines, the shooter will shoot between 1 and 8 targets.
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