Hi SCA Members

In regard to the Covid-19 Virus (Coronavirus) & it’s impact on our sport.

While the Covid-19 situation is a continually evolving issue, it is too soon to advise the impact on our National Competitions.

We advise you to refer to the Australian Government advice & use common sense when attending any Sporting event under these present conditions. Advice from the Australian Government is mentioned on group gatherings of 500 people or more. At our Sporting events we will not exceed 500 people at any one time in the same area.

SCA will continue to monitor the situation & advise should this structure change and has a further impact on our activities.

Our members safety is important, but providing we follow basic hygiene & follow the steps advised by the Australian Government, there is no reason for us to stop enjoying our sport at this present time.

To clarify SCA advises against close personal contact when at these events or gatherings, to use basic hygiene & above all else use your common sense.

SCA has already advised against the Italian Grand Prix & the advice given has proved correct. SCA recommends that any members travelling to or from abroad take out appropriate travel, medical and cancellation insurance for their own reasons and event cancellation.

Travel insurance is a personal responsibility and is not covered directly by SCA membership. All Travel Insurance providers offering “Pandemic Cover” have continually evolved as this virus has moved through the world order. The SCA Travel insurance is no different & the policy now has certain conditions applied regarding Covid-19, with time frames when the actions/exclusions (Date) for cover came in to place. If you purchased the SCA Corporate Travel Policy and booked your travel after 2nd February 2020 and before 3rd March 2020, coverage will be dependent upon whether, at the time you purchased the travel policy or booked the trip, you were aware of, or could be expected to be aware of any event, which may give rise to a claim under the policy. When you take out any Insurance cover it is for the unknown. While cover of a Pandemic is there, it is for the risk condition if it is unknown at the time the Insurance was taken out. Once a condition is

known, it is no longer an unknown risk and this is the reason for the Insurance companies update on a given situation.

In regard to any SCA State & Club Competitions. We advise contacting these bodies direct to secure specific advice on any event being held by those bodies.

We recommend that those with concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) follow the latest Australian government advice and guidance which can be found on the link below: