SCA announces its Online Nominations System


SCA announces its Online Nominations System

Please Note – This system is for the SCA Clubs & States to use in preparation, The SCA National Competitions will still use the Standard membership online portal.

The current restrictions imposed with the COVID-19 pandemic are gradually being lifted but there will be ongoing restrictions on all sporting activities, including clay target shooting, for many months to come.

The need to meet social distancing regulations and crowd sizes means that the way events are run has to change. One way clubs can meet these requirements is to stagger the arrival times for competitors and this is best done by setting up the nominations for the event before the event so that people are aware of what time their squad will be required to start shooting.

SCA is currently trialling a new online nominations system which will provide this support. We need your help to test this system before competitions get restarted.

The SCA Live Scores website ( will host a number of test events over the coming weeks and you are cordially invited to connect to that system and nominate for one or more of these test events. You should be able to use a smartphone to complete the process and we would welcome your feedback on how you found the experience.

Some features of the system:
• One person can set up nominations for a group
• Payments are not required in the testing phase, but when used for real events, payments can be made by bank transfer or “pay on the day”
• When two or more people are nominated as a group, they can request to shoot together (e.g. parent, child)
• People can select preferred start times