SCA Travel Insurance


SCA Travel Insurance

A shout-out to the members travelling to SCA Sanctioned events both overseas and at home in Australia.

We have secured travel Insurance for our travelling members to make use of (for a fee as per usual).

We try to give members a cost-effective option should they wish to make us of this service although we would advise you shop around before you commit to the SCA option.

Like most Insurance cover for anything this year there have been increases across the board. This increase is totally out of SCA’s control.

The USA has its own issues compared to the rest of the world and it is reflected in the fees.

Please use the below link to review the options and costs available.

NOTE. Anyone applying for travel Insurance will have to advise in advance of any underlying health issues that could have an effect on any claim should the unfortunate need arise. We suggest you consult with your health adviser before making an application if you think you may be at risk.