A Smashing New Zealand Championship Series

top shooting in NZ leads to Aussie success

A Smashing New Zealand Championship Series

A strong Aussie contingent achieved success in a competitive NZ trifecta.

February was a big month on the New Zealand Sporting Clays calendar with the 2017 New Zealand FITASC Grand Prix, 2017 North Island Sporting Clays Championship and 2017 New Zealand Sporting Clays Championship taking place within days of each other.

A good number of Australian shooters made the journey to compete against the best in New Zealand, showing tremendous skill and determination to bring home a swag of wins and placings.

This year’s New Zealand FITASC Grand Prix, held at Wanganui/Rangatiki Gun Club from 14-15 February, culminated in a shoot-off between Victoria’s John Younger and New Zealander Mark Vessey which saw the Aussie take top honours overall. Plenty of Australian names featured across all categories and grades, including Felicity and Bryce Paglia who got their trip off to a very good start with first in the Ladies (Felicity) and second in the Juniors (Bryce). Congratulations to everyone who got to stand on podium.

2017 New Zealand FITAC Grand Prix Results

Senior Ladies Juniors
1. John Younger AU 185 1. Felicity Paglia AU 157 1. Cameron Kivinen AU 184
2. Mark Vessey NZ 185 2. Vicki Johnstone AU 154 2. Bryce Paglia AU 168
3. Cameron Kivenen AU 184 3. Karen Scully NZ 131 3. Graham Welch NZ 155
Veterans Super Veteran
1. Robert Brown AU 176 1. Alan Backman AU 169
2. Des Coe NZ 175 2. Darryl Groundwater AU 164
3. Neill Peart AU 172 3. Max Kavanagh AU 164
1. Adam Hirchfield AU 178 1.Paul Lillies AU 178 1. Graham Welch NZ 155 1 Dave Gagnon AU 129
2. James Simpson NZ 176 2. Eddie Magee AU 171 2. Spencer Deriz AU 153 2. Harrison Lilies AU 128
3. Robert Brown AU 176 3. Steve Gill NZ 164 3. Mark Barling AU 146 3. Katrina Clancy AU 128


Next up the Hutt Valley Clay Target Club hosted the North Island Sporting Clays Championship on 17 February and the New Zealand Sporting Clays Championship on 18-19 February, serving up quality targets over three days of fierce competition. Again, the Australian talent was outstanding across the field. Congratulations to Adam Hirchfield for taking out the win at the NI Championship and to John Younger for being crowned the NZ National Champion.

Special mention to the Paglia crew: Felicity Paglia and Bryce Paglia brought home first-place honours at both events in the Ladies and Juniors. Top shooting!

Congratulations one and all.

North Island Sporting Clays Championship Results

HOA Adam Hirchfield AU 92
AA Grade  A Grade  B Grade  C Grade 
1. Adam Green NZ 92 1. John Sidoti AU 86 1. Karen Scully NZ 75 1. Gerard Tohill NZ 64
2. Des Coe NZ 92 2. Robert Matuch AU 84 2. Peter Shand NZ 72 2. Katrina Clancy AU 57
3. Mark Vessey NZ 91 3. Brent Lawrence NZ 83 3. Craig Body NZ 69 3. Nick Long AU 57
Ladies  Juniors  Veterans  Super Veterans 
Felicity Paglia AU 80 Bryce Paglia AU 86 Des Coe NZ 92 John Sidoti AU 86

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New Zealand Sporting Clays Championship Results

HOA John Younger AU 186
AA Grade  A Grade  B Grade  C Grade 
1. Adam Hirchfield AU 186 1. Keaton Norling NZ 171 1. Mike Steedman NZ 158 1. Nick Long AU 129
2. Mark Vessey NZ 184 2. Logan Clark NZ 168 2. Ian Swale NZ 154 2. Katrina Clancy AU 124
3. Geoff Wells NZ 184 3. Stephen Cooper AU 165 3. Craig Body NZ 152 3. Andy Tannock NZ 124
Ladies  Juniors  Veterans  Super Veterans
Felicity Paglia AU 168 Bryce Paglia AU 176 Eddie Magee AU 174 Ken Triffitt AU 170

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