Travel Insurance

SCA Travel Insurance: Great Value, Excellent Coverage

Anyone who travels knows the risk you run without taking out travel Insurance. More so in our Sport with the options available to us. We noticed a few years ago that the standard options available for SCA members travelling to competitions did not meet with our expectations.

To this end, SCA has negotiated a competitive travel Insurance which is open to SCA “Members” & their travelling family members only.

Please note this member Insurance offer has been negotiated to assist our members travelling to FITASC Competitions. It is not an offer for general holiday insurance.

SCA has negotiated 5 options to assist our travelling members:

Option 1 – Domestic travel for Competitions in Australia
Option 2 – USA World Championships
Option 3 – Grand Prix New Zealand
Option 4 – Oceania New Caledonia
Option 5 – UT Italy World Championships

Due to Claims made last year the costs have risen slightly for 2020 but are still below the Commercial options available.

domestic aust travel insurance
fitasc grand prix nz travel insurance
fitasc oceania new caledonie travel insurance
world championship jackson usa travel insurance
universal trench italy travel insurance

How to Purchase Insurance

Insurance can be easily purchased online by clicking on the options above. Please note the advertised price is per person, per trip. Standard coverage varies. Please contact us before purchasing a policy if your trip is going to be more than the allocated weeks.

SCA Travel Insurance is available to Australian residents who are current financial members of the Association. You must be competing at an SCA-recognised event to purchase this cover. An accompanying spouse/partner and dependent children can also take advantage of the policy (a travel policy must be purchased for each person traveling).


Do you need more info about travel insurance or require coverage for more than the weeks allocated?

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