Outdoor Sporting Agencies Two New Series for 2016

Outdoor Sporting Agencies Two New Series for 2016

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As you have observed over the last couple of months the theme at SCA is “Moving Forward” the following information is another example of how we are always looking for improvement and innovation.


Outdoor Sporting Agencies offered to supply sponsorship for two new events for the 2016 season. We have graciously accepted this generous offer and thank OSA and the Lithgow Arms Company (a new sponsor) for their support. It will certainly increase the interest of all members as they compete over the series of events to qualify for the finals. Progress scores will be posted on the SCA website and also on the SCA Facebook page. What a spectacle we are in for when we all have the opportunity to see our “Top Six” vie for Champion of Champion Honors and the Graded A, B, C event to find the best of our Graded Members, a win for all.

Special thanks to the OSA Team, Danny Galea and Rod Laidlaw who initiated the concept and followed it through The Series.

The Miroku Champion of Champions Series

This series will feature a shoot-off at the Nationals between the “Top Six Qualifiers” plus any ties, for which the Prize for the winner will be the new model Miroku Deluxe U/O Shotgun. The Shoot-Off will be over 25 targets and winner takes all. Ties after 25 targets will be sudden death.

The Lithgow Arms Graded Challenge

For this series the prize will be a “Lithgow Arms Crossover Rifle”. This event will also be shot-off at the Nationals. The Shoot-Off will be between the top three A and B Grade Qualifiers plus the top C Grade Qualifier. Places in each Grade for the final have been allocated on a proportional basis of the numbers in each Grade at the preceding Nationals (A & B Grades approx 100, C Grade 17). The Shoot-Off will be over 25 targets winner takes all. Ties after 25 targets will be sudden death. The shooters will be graded by distance i.e., C Grade will shoot from the zero mark, B Grade a minimum of 3 meters behind zero and A Grade a minimum of 6 meters behind zero. The event will include all Category A, B &C grade shooters.

Both series will be conducted over the following FITASC, SCA and State Championship Events.

  1. FITASC Australian Sporting Grand Prix
  2. FITASC Sporting Championship of Oceania
  3. Compak Sporting Nationals
  4. English Sporting Nationals
  5. All the various State Championships (only home state members to be allocated a percentage)

It is mandatory that to qualify you must compete at either the Grand Prix or Oceania Championships and also compete at the National 3 Day Carnival.

The minimum number of Qualifying Events will be three, if a person attends more than three of the events the best percentage from either of the FITASC international events plus the other two best percentages will be counted.

A percentage will be awarded to all competitors with the high gun of the shoot awarded 100%. All other competitors will be awarded a percentage according to their score against the score of the high gun.

Grading: A person who starts the year 2016 in a particular grade and does not achieve a higher grade during the year will qualify in that grade, if however their grading increases prior to the date of the Final, they are only eligible for the higher grade. For the purpose of the event they may not move down a grade.