Notice to Shooters Competing at International Events

Notice to Shooters Competing at International Events

There are some rule changes you should be aware of.

For those heading overseas to compete at international FITASC events, there have been a few updates to the rules that could have an impact on some. Please take note of the following so that you don’t get caught out.


  • You now have 15 seconds to prepare and shoot a target (used to be 20 seconds)
  • Your shooting number is to be positioned between the shoulder blades, in other words, up high – not low on the back


RULE 7.5

The maximum time allowed to shooters between single or double targets is fifteen seconds. If a shooter exceeds this time the referee will issue a warning to the shooter and then apply Article 12.2.


17.1    Competition participants must be properly dressed. Short shorts are not permitted; only long shorts (Bermuda type at most 5 cm above the knee) are permitted. It is not permissible to be naked under a skeet vest. Shirts must have at least short sleeves and a collar or, without a collar, must have a round neck (like a tee shirt). Wearing sandals is not permitted for safety reasons.

The shooter´s/competitors number must be attached to his/her upper back between shoulders and waist, be fully visible and worn in its entirety.

Failure to observe this rule is penalized by a first warning from the referee. Failure to rectify this requirement will lead to further penalties that may extend to exclusion from the competition by decision of the jury.


When showing/presenting the targets, we, the referees, will on request of the competitor in the shooting position only, show a second target but only in the order detailed on the menu card, in other words, having viewed the target sequence you cannot then request a second viewing of say the first target, if you want to see it again you must request this directly after the first shown target. This change also applies to doubles that are shown.