41st Fitasc Championships

41st Fitasc Championships

41st World FITASC Sporting Championships

EJ Churchills – England

10th to 13th July 19

As the SCA Members & Team make their final preparations for the FITASC World Sporting Championships, we wish everyone success at this Event. A record attendance of 92 of our members will be there for the action.

SCA/Australian team for 2019

Open Team (Man)
Blake Nankervis
Cameron Kivinen
Chris Brown
Matthew Libbis

Ladies Team
Renae Birgan
Brittany Melbourne
Tasha Bellinger

Seniors Team 
Ron Rhook
Colin Johns
John Younger

Juniors Team
Mathew Wilesmith
Bryce Paglia
Xavier Russell

Veterans Team 
John Torresen
Bob Brown
Wayne Nankervis

Event Badges available for members